Superior Dabbing: The E-Nail

Superior Dabbing: The E-Nail

'nailAssociates, we are residing in a golden age of dabbing. The cannabis focus business has change into quite refined over the previous couple of years and simply as now we have superior close to the quality of concentrates, so too have we superior as regards to dabbing expertise

The times of hot knife hits are long gone however the necessity for a butane-powered soldering torch has at all times been an off-placing side of owning a dab rig. Aside from trying like straight up laborious medication, torches make it easy to set your surroundings on fireplace and the combustion of torch gasoline (butane or propane) releases carbon monoxide which might grow to be harmful in poorly-ventilated areas.

Enter The E-Nail

The newest and best dabbing technology comes within the type of the "e-nail" short for "electric nail." The e-nail makes use of an electrical circuit to get the nail sizzling by way of induction heating fairly than the direct heat of a torch. Operation is straightforward: a heating coil sits on a specialized titanium nail and its temperature is ready via a variable controller. Though heating may take a bit of longer than with a torch (it usually takes a few minute to achieve a gentle temperature), its not so dangerous as to cancel out the comfort of not utilizing the torch. Actually, most e-nails use so little power that they might be left on (in a safe place) for substantial intervals of time with none real harm to your piece or power invoice.

Temperature Control

When using a torch, not heating up the nail enough can result in a "cold hit" during which some portion of concentrate doesn’t vaporize and merely collects in the bottom of the nail, waiting to be burned off during the next heating. This is no longer a problem with the e-nail; in reality, the pliability of temperature management allows e-nail customers to learn from the use of a "carb-cap" to slowly and Demedo official shop thoroughly vaporize concentrate at low temperatures, allowing for a greater terpene profile to be expressed (albeit rising ‘holdup’ or accumulation of reclaim within a given piece). Even at normal working temperatures, the nail by no means needs to get as scorching because it does with a torch, decreasing the quantity of concentrate that will get carbonized (burned onto the nail) and reducing the overall stress utilized to your rig./p

Now in fact, the e-nail has it’s own issues; its straightforward to overlook it’s sizzling which might lead to burn fingers if you’re not careful… and it might probably actually burn a hole in the floor if dropped without noticing! However these things shouldn’t be too large of an issue for concentrate smokers used to dealing with the trouble of a torch- if you’re a each day dabber, you’re really doing yourself a disservice not owning an e-nail! The simplicity of the design means there are a lot of manufacturers (not just title-brands) who make great, efficient merchandise. So if you’re in the marketplace for some new dabbing gear, this needs to be at the highest of your record! Simply be warned- when you begin utilizing an e-nail you won’t want to make use of anything!

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